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The first few months of a baby’s life are full of wonder and discovery. Providing safe, stimulating toys helps nurture development during this critical stage. In this blog, we will explore some of the top music, push/pull, rattle/teethers and sensory toys for newborns available online right now.

While every newborn develops on their own schedule, these types of toys help nurture emerging skills in a safe, engaging way. With so many options now available online, it’s easier than ever to find just the right toy to delight your new arrival without even leaving home. 

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Music & Light Toys 

Music and light toys captivate a newborn’s senses with colorful lights, soothing sounds and gentle vibrations. Popular options include:

– Baby mobiles: Suspended above cribs, mobiles with music, lights and moving parts spark visual tracking skills. Many feature timer functions to stop automatically after 15 minutes.

– Baby gyms and play mats: Quilted mats with dangling toys, music and lights entertain babies during tummy time. Help strengthen neck and back muscles.  

– Baby bouncers: Gentle rocking motions coupled with music, vibrations and sometimes overhead toys turn bouncers into soothing sanctuaries.

Treat the idea like a game.

Push Pull Toys

Push and pull toys encourage gross motor skills development as little hands learn to grasp, hold, push buttons and more. Fun and functional options include:  

– Activity centers: Stationary centers with spinning balls, light-up buttons and moving parts reward curiosity and exploration.

– Stacked rings: Colorful rings of varying sizes stacked on poles promote hand-eye coordination and problem solving.

– Baby walkers: When used under supervision, walkers with toys support early walking attempts. Look for wide bases and wheel locks.

Children are innately curious, and toys give them an opportunity to explore and learn.”

Rattles, Teethers & Soothers

Rattles, teethers and pacifiers satisfy a newborn’s need to stimulate emerging oral senses in safe and soothing ways with options like:

– Pacifiers: Sucking motions soothe and mimic nourishment between feedings. Look for BPA-free models sized for newborn mouths. 

– Plastic/silicone rattles and keys: Shaking develops connections between eyes, ears and hands. Textures massage swollen gums.  

– Vibrating teethers: Gentle pulsations provide counterpressure against tender gums. Models with cooling gel or liquid centers extra relieve discomfort.

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Push/pull toys build strength and coordination. Rattles, teethers and pacifiers satisfy oral sensory needs while soothing tender gums. And sensory toys like crinkly books or soft blocks introduce new textures and visual patterns to foster neural connections.  

Highlight what to look for when shopping online for the best newborn toys to boost development. Remember to always supervise play sessions, follow age recommendations, and mix in plenty of real-world, screen-free interactions too. Most importantly, relax and enjoy discovering what unique activities most intrigue your baby’s blossoming mind!

Sensory Toys  

Sensory toys nurture development through stimulating touch, sight, sound and movement senses. Great starter options include:

– Crinkle books: Crinkling paper and high contrast patterns encourage focus while building finger dexterity. 

– Touch and feel books: Textured patches let little fingers explore. Look for baby-safe contrasting colors/patterns. 

– Soft blocks: Squeezable blocks with mirrors/patterns boost object grasping, stacking, throwing skills. 


Providing developmentally-appropriate toys during a newborn’s first months helps set the stage for future growth across physical, sensory, cognitive, and emotional domains. When selected with care, baby toys nurture natural curiosity and exploration during this magical period of rapid change. 

Everything you Need to Know

The Importance of Baby Toys

– Promote physical development: Fine and gross motor skills improve through grasping, pushing, pulling, etc.

– Enhance sensory growth: Sounds, textures, sights, motion stimulate developing senses. 

– Build cognitive skills: Cause-effect relationships, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination progress.

– Encourage curiosity and discovery: Exploring toys sparks imagination and problem solving.

– Provide comfort and security: Soothing toys help self-regulate emotions.

– Stimulate communication: Babies vocalize, gesture, make eye contact about playthings. 

– Foster nurturing bonds: Sharing toy interactions strengthens parental connections.

– Lay foundation for learning: Focus, memory, coordination needed to engage with toys shapes

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