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Latest Outdoor Toys That Motivate Kids to Go Outside

In today’s digital age, kids are spending more time indoors glued to various screens. Getting your child outdoors for some physical activity has become quite a challenge for most parents. However, the latest outdoor toys can serve as great motivation and make playing outside irresistible for kids. From ride-on toys to bicycles and scooters, there are plenty of outdoor toy options to keep your little ones engaged and active outdoors.

From ride-on toys to bicycles and scooters, there are plenty of outdoor toy options to keep your little ones engaged and active outdoors.

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Ride-On Toys

Ride-on toys allow kids to zip around outdoors under their own power. These exciting toys are a thrill for young kids and motivate them to head out to sidewalks, driveways and parks.

Some of the most popular ride-on toys include:

Pedal cars and trucks – These give kids the fun of driving their own vehicle. Popular licensed character models from Disney, Paw Patrol etc. make these even more appealing.

Balance bikes – These lightweight bikes with no pedals help toddlers learn balance and steering before they move onto pedal bikes. Balance bikes from brands like Strider are a hit among little learners.

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Power wheels – Battery-powered ride-on cars and trucks give kids a very realistic driving experience. Power Wheels from Fisher Price remain evergreen favorites.


Once kids master balance bikes, they are ready to transition to pedal bicycles. From toddler bikes with training wheels to kids mountain bikes, two-wheelers enable independent outdoor fun.

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Picking the right size bike for a child’s height along with safety gear like helmets is key. Some top picks include:

– RoyalBaby kid’s bikes with training wheels and other beginner-friendly features.

– Titan girl’s and boy’s BMX bikes for neighborhood rides.

– Schwinn kids mountain bikes for light trail riding.

Battery Powered Ride-Ons

Rechargeable battery powered ride-on toys combine the thrill of driving/riding with high-tech features. These motivate kids to take the action outdoors.

Trending battery powered ride-on toys include:

– Audi electric ride-on cars by Best Choice Products with leather seats, LED lights and built-in MP3 players.

– Peg Pérego John Deere Gator XUV ride on lets kids “drive” the popular utility vehicle. 

– Razor Crazy Karts allow 360 degree spins, drifts for an exciting go-karting experience.

Riding Accessories 

The right protective gear and accessories enhance the outdoor riding experience for kids. Things like:

– Helmets – Essential for safety when riding bikes, scooters etc.

– Knee/elbow pads – For protection from scrapes if kids fall off kick scooters, skateboards etc.  

– Bicycle baskets and bells – Add a bit of style and functionality.

Riding Toys

From scooters to hoverboards and electric skateboards, compact riding toys are a big draw to head outdoors for kids across ages.

– 2-wheel self balancing hoverboards like the Gyroor Warrior remain very on-trend.

– Classic kick scooters like those from Micro Scooters give kids independence before they are ready to ride bikes.

– Electric skateboards like Boosted Mini allow thrill-seeking kids to cruise around neighborhoods.


Three-wheeled trikes offer better stability than bikes for very young kids. Delta Children, Radio Flyer make trikes that kids love riding outdoors. Add-ons like canopies make tricycle riding even more fun.


Two-wheeled scooters offer a good intermediate option before kids can ride bicycles confidently. Brands like Micro Kickboard, Razor and Oxelo make scooters with adjustable handlebars and rear fenders brakes that kids love riding around neighborhoods. Upgrades like stunt pegs, light-up wheels and bubble machines make scootering even more exciting for kids.


Outdoor ride-on toys not only motivate kids to spend less time glued to screens but also provide crucial physical activity and skill development. With proper adult supervision and safety precautions, they make for irresistible outdoor entertainment options.

Everything you Need to Know

• Develop gross motor skills as kids use their whole body to maneuver the toys

• Promote sensory processing skills through feeling varied textures, sounds, sights    

• Build coordination and balance as kids steer and manipulate the toys

• Boost confidence and independence 

• Provide thrill from controlling exciting vehicles

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