The Ultimate Guide to Educational Toys for Toddlers

As parents, we always want the best for our children, especially when it comes to their development and learning. Educational toys have proven to be an excellent tool in fostering cognitive, motor, and social skills in toddlers.

Educational toys came to town several years ago and then dwindled away again, but if you loved the concept you’re in luck as it’s back for this play season. Come playtime in Qatar, the intimate group of young guests was first ushered into the playroom for a floor performance in which popular local toys and stuffed animals brought delight.

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Toys have been treasured in Qatari culture for generations, but you’re in luck as the options continue expanding for this play season. Supporting children’s growth and development has been at the forefront of parents’ minds in Doha, with more discussions happening about fostering learning through play. As seen in Hamleys Qatar and other beloved toy stores, engaging toys are key items families love.

What was really interesting is how classic toys blend learning so beautifully with Qatar’s cultural traditions. Even today, children play with timeless toys that build life skills while allowing creativity.

Treat playtime like a treasured ritual.

Qatari parents delight in toys that enrich childhoods, with one writing: “These bring priceless moments.” Some note modern electronic learning toys lack the dynamic interactivity of simple wooden blocks.

While tech-based toys have appeal, classic toy creators in Doha recently opened up about meeting Qatari families’ needs. The consensus is that tried-and-true toys have stood the test of time in allowing children to learn through imagination.

On the baby essentials front, parents in Qatar prioritize quality, safety, and sustainability. Brands like Nūby designs products to support infants’ development in those first precious years. When choosing items your little one will use daily, you can feel assured your conscience is at ease.

We have collected five of the best brands that use only eco-friendly materials for their toys, so the next time you are treating your little one to something fun, you can be sure it aligns with your values.

If you imagine a new toy idea, it’s a Dream, if you sketch how it might look, it’s Possible, but if you plan out making it, it becomes Real.

Tony Robbins


    1. “I was talking to the designer behind Seville Michelle, and I told her [that] her chokers are amazing, and she literally gave me this off her neck. I’ve worn it religiously ever since,” says Lenise of her two-tone necklace.Related StoryHandbags Are Getting Smaller and Smaller

    1. For Christmas, Lenise’s husband gifted her a green suede mini bag from Jacquemus. “When he got it in the mail, he was going to send it back because he didn’t realize it was supposed to be this tiny,” Lenise says with a smile. She appreciates that she can rock the bag as a crossbody, fanny pack style across her waist, or carry it as a handle bag.


While a new toy line starring these characters isn’t expected soon, creators keep unveiling toys to delight kids, and discuss whether classic play has endured over time.

Essentials to Know

Spring your mind forward with a lilac flower-inspired pot or, if real flowers are more your thing, a barely-there vase lets nature take center

Thankfully, we have toy sale tips to shop deals early (and discover toys on your kid’s wishlist all season).

Importantly, major retailers launch online toy sales very late the night before in-store sales start. Currently, sales aren’t active, meaning there’s ample time to prepare for the big seasonal event.

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