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As a parent, you want to provide your preschooler with toys that stimulate their development, spark their imagination, and give them hours of enjoyment. Premium range preschool toys check all these boxes and more. Thoughtfully designed using safe, high-quality materials, premium toys engage multiple senses and help nurture key skills.

When it comes to buying toys for preschoolers, going premium pays dividends down the road. Thoughtfully designed premium toys stimulate curiosity, develop skills, and most importantly, bring joy and laughter into those precious early years. By choosing toys made from safe materials that nurture your child’s growth, you invest in their future development.

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Play Tents & Ball Pits

Play tents and ball pits foster pretend play and imagination in preschoolers. Kids can crawl into play tents to create their own special hideaway. These tents promote fantasy and roleplaying as a superhero fortress, princess castle or pirate ship. Some feature colorful designs and characters that further spark imaginative scenarios. Ball pits are filled with loads of plastic balls that make for sensory-rich play. Kids will delight in diving and burrowing through balls, developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Treat the idea like a game.

Toys are the tools of childhood, and the simple act of playing allows kids to develop a lifelong love of learning.”


Playpens create a safe place for babies and toddlers to play independently. With high walls and water-resistant fabrics, playpens provide security and peace of mind for parents. Babies can play with toys or simply wiggle and roll around while parents have their hands free to accomplish other tasks. Many playpens feature toys bars, mobiles and music to engage little ones. The ample room also enables babies to practice sitting up, standing and cruising along the edges.

The right preschool toys also make playtime more exciting and meaningful for your little one. Whether they’re exploring new textures, exercising their imagination or developing motor skills, premium toys enrich your preschooler’s world.

Walkers & Rockers

Baby walkers and rockers help infants develop balance and mobility. Traditional walkers have a seated area surrounded by a plastic frame that babies can grip onto and push. Rocking walkers rock front to back to work on stability. Both types let babies independently move around and explore their environment. Rockers resemble small chairs mounted on curved bases. Babies can rock themselves front and back or side to side, entertaining themselves while improving coordination.

Activity Toys

Activity toys promote sensory development and fine motor skills in babies and toddlers. These toys have different mechanisms like buttons to push, slides, doors and pages to turn. Manipulating these components introduces new textures and sounds while exercising little hands. Activity toys also build cognitive skills as babies associate their actions to reactions. Sorting shape puzzles, stacking rings and bead mazes are other examples under this toy category.



Ride-on toys allow imaginative play as preschoolers hop aboard their cardboard race car, airplane or even dinosaur! These toys strengthen gross motor skills as kids use their legs to propel themselves. Ride-on toys help promote balance and coordination. Kids will also enjoy pretend play adventures with animal-themed ride-ons like horses, tigers or giraffes that spark their creativity and self-expression.

Everything you Need to Know

✅ Promote learning and development

  • Toys designed for preschool age build cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills

✅ Lay foundation for academic success

  • Play encourages development of early math, reading and writing abilities

✅ Spark imagination and creativity

  • Open-ended toys like blocks, play dough encourage imaginative play

✅ Teach cause and effect

  • Activity centers with levers, buttons, slides teach action -> reaction

✅ Build hand-eye coordination

  • Manipulative toys like puzzles enhance fine motor skills

✅ Strengthen gross motor abilities

  • Ride-ons, pull toys, balls develop large muscles

✅ Enable independent play

  • Playpens and activity mats allow solo play and exploration

✅ Introduce new textures, sounds, sights

  • Toys stimulate the senses and perceptual awareness

✅ Foster communication and social skills

  • Group games promote sharing, cooperation and bonding

✅ Promote self-help abilities

  • Toys that encourage dressing, feeding build confidence

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