TV/Movies Costume Ideas For kids  In 2024

From magical wizards to super-powered heroes, there are so many fun and creative TV and movie-inspired costumes for kids to choose from. Dressing up allows children to step into the shoes of their favorite characters and act out adventures. As the 2024 Halloween season approaches, here are some of the top costume ideas inspired by recent popular culture.

 TV and movie culture sparks endless inspiration for imaginative Halloween costumes. Kids love transforming into their most beloved characters to act out adventures.

Costume Trends


Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin sparked renewed interest in characters from the magical world of Agrabah. Popular costume ideas include:

– Princess Jasmine – Blue crop top and pants, matching shoes, gold headpiece and armbands.

– Aladdin – Purple sleeveless vest, red fez, white pants, pointed genie shoes.

– Genie – Bright blue puffy pants, red sash belt, black ponytail wig. Go wild mixing colors and patterns!

– Jafar – Long black and red robe, tall black hat, cobra staff. Finish the look with a twisted goatee.

Groups can dress up together as characters from the movie like Jasmine with Rajah the tiger or Aladdin with Abu the monkey. Magic carpets and lamp props add a nice touch.

Harry Potter

The wizarding world of Harry Potter has no shortage of iconic costume ideas:

– Harry Potter – Black Hogwarts robes, Gryffindor scarf, round glasses, drawn lightning bolt scar.

– Hermione Granger – Hogwarts uniform with robe, Gryffindor tie, bushy brown wig, wand, and spellbooks.

– Ron Weasley – Maroon knitted sweater vest, hand-me-down robes, red wig, dirt on nose.

– Draco Malfoy – Black suit with Slytherin crest, green and silver tie, white-blonde wig.

Fun group ideas include students from different houses, creatures like House Elves or Centaurs, or Quidditch players in team uniforms.


The underwater superhero movie makes a splash with these costume ideas:

– Aquaman – Orange superhero bodysuit with green and gold accents, blonde wig, trident.

– Mera – Green bodysuit with shorts, red wig, gold belt and headpiece.

– Black Manta – Black wetsuit with red eyes helmet, breathing apparatus, and fake blade accents.

– Ocean Master – Green and gold armor, intricate helmet, cloak, and scepter.

Kids will have a blast dressing up as the heroes and villains from Atlantis, adding to the aquatic fun.

“Costumes are the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth-it really does establish who they are.” 

And with new popular culture always on the rise, 2024 holds exciting new costume possibilities for creative kids.

TV, movies, and pop culture will continue driving excited young minds toward their next show-stopping costume creation for Halloween 2024!

Most Fashion-Forward Outfits

 – Encanto – Girls love donning Mirabel, Isabela and Luisa’s bright, floral dresses from the musical Disney hit  

– The Mandalorian – Baby Yoda outfits with big ears and robes satisfy every child’s cuteness cravings

– Minions – Denim overalls with tiny yellow t-shirts and goggles for mini costume fun  

– Hocus Pocus 2 – Little witches everywhere are embracing the Sanderson sisters’ spooky return

– Spider-Man – Spiderverse inspires creative takes on fan-favorite Spidey and his alternate web-slinging counterparts  

– Avatar – Kids craft elaborate blue alien cosplays complete with bioluminescent accents

– Turning Red – Teens turn into fierce red pandas in tribute to Domee Shi’s unique coming-of-age film

– Aladdin Princess Jasmine outfits with cropped blue tops and pants, gold headpieces

– Street rat Aladdin looks with purple vests, red hats, and curled shoes 

– Genie costumes with colorful patchwork vests and pants, black ponytails

– Harry Potter scar and glasses with a cloak and tie atop casual clothes

– Aquaman muscle suits or decorated long sleeves and pants for underwater fun

– Mera-inspired red wigs paired with green skirts or leggings

– Decorative Black Manta helmets over black outfits make a menacing look


Aladdin, Harry Potter, and Aquaman remain strong pop culture staples for imaginative Halloween looks. And with nostalgia and revivals keeping these works alive, kids are sure to channel both old and new iterations of iconic movie heroes for Halloween 2024 through inventive costumes that keep these stories part of the cultural zeitgeist.

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Everything you Need to Know

  • Greater attention to detail with costumes replicating exact looks from movies using premium materials and movie-accurate props
  • Advancements in makeup application through YouTube and TikTok tutorials taking kids costumes to the next level
  • Collaboration within friend groups to coordinate themed group costumes and cosplays
  • Social media fueling inspiration for popular new costume ideas each year from trending movies/TV
  • More gender neutral costumes catering to a wider range of self-expression and interests
  • STEM skills being channeled into elaborate costume creations incorporating technology and mechanical elements
  • Premium companies offering high-quality replicas for superhero suits allowing authentic role play adventures

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