The most popular Disney costumes for kids

Disney princess dresses allow kids to emulate their favorite royals from Cinderella and Snow White to Jasmine and Ariel. Twirling around the neighborhood in these iconic royal gowns makes Halloween dreams come true. Beyond pretty princess outfits, costumes of courageous Disney heroes like Buzz Lightyear or Miguel from Coco empower kids to go on magical adventures.

Disney costumes are a perennial tradition for kids on Halloween. From princess gowns to classic characters, donning Disney-themed outfits brings joy and magic on All Hallow’s Eve. When choosing this year’s costume for your little one, Disney costumes should top the list.

Trending Costumes For 2024

Princess Costumes

For many young girls, dressing up as a Disney Princess for Halloween is a dream come true. These beautiful gowns allow kids to emulate their favorite royal role models. Here are some of the most popular princess Halloween costumes for 2022:

Cinderella Costume

With its iconic blue ball gown and delicate glass slippers, a Cinderella costume allows your little one to transform into this kind and courageous princess. Accessories like a sparkling tiara and opera gloves complete the royal look. Your young Cinderella will be belle of the ball this Halloween!

Snow White Costume

As one of Disney’s original princesses, a Snow White costume is a classic choice. The sweet red, blue, and yellow gown paired with the character’s signature black hair bow and red ribbon headband evokes old-fashioned nostalgia. This fairytale princess costume never fails to delight.

Jasmine Costume 

For a costume with an exotic flair, dressing up as the adventurous Princess Jasmine is the perfect choice. Flowing pants, an off-the-shoulder crop top, comfortable shoes, and signature earrings and headpiece recreate Jasmine’s bold look. Add the trusty tiger Rajah as an accompanying accessory for a full Aladdin experience.

Belle Costume

As one of Disney’s most beloved royal heroines, Belle inspires kindness and bravery. A yellow ball gown paired with long gloves and delicate accessories channels Belle’s village girl turned princess style. For added flair, add a book prop to really capture the Disney beauty’s adventurous spirit.

Ariel Costume

Ariel’s signature seashell bikini top and iridescent tail translate perfectly to a Halloween costume. With bright red hair and accessories like Flounder and Sebastian, your little mermaid can dive right into the enchanting world of Atlantica. An Ariel costume is always a splash for Halloween.

Snow White Costumes

In addition to the classic princess outfit, Snow White costumes come in a delightful variety perfect for any Halloween celebration.

Snow White Deluxe Costume

For a truly authentic look, the deluxe Snow White costume includes the signature dress along with additional accessories. An iconic red cape lined with gold brocade edges the gown. Detachable puff sleeves, a choker, red apple prop, and decorative headband complete the magical Disney bound look.

Dwarf Costumes for Kids

Your young Snow White will surely charm in her princess gown. But why stop at one costume when you can transform a group of friends into Snow White’s helpful dwarf companions? Costumes featuring Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey are sure to entertain. The group costumes allow kids to collectively bring the beloved fairytale world to life.

Pet Snow White Costume

Even pets can get in on the Snow White Halloween fun! Delightful dwarf-themed pet costumes featuring colorful hats and personalities like Grumpy are absolutely enchanting. And helpful bird accessories allow furry friends to lend an assisting wing like Snow White’s charming animal helpers.

Shimmer and Shine Costumes 

For young fans of the whimsical animated series, Shimmer and Shine costumes grant wishes this Halloween!

Shimmer Costume

As one of the main characters, a Shimmer costume channels this generous genie’s signature style. With a pink genie outfit, matching pants, and sheer overlay, your little one can take flight into Zahramay Falls magic. A dark pink hairpiece, gold bracelets and necklace capture Shimmer’s kind personality and dazzling flair.

Shine Costume

Meanwhile, the confident Shine inspires courage with her sky blue genie attire. This costume comes complete with sheer leggings, cropped top, and hair accessory reminiscent of Shine’s ponytail.

“The more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful for.”

For fans of all ages, the wonder of Disney is sure to grow in exciting new directions next year and into the future.

we’ve highlighted the most popular Disney costumes for kids this Halloween season. Whether your child dreams of being a pretty princess or identifying with a courageous hero, there’s a perfect Disney-inspired costume waiting to bring the magic to life.

Latest Disney Trends for 2024

– Continued expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with new movies and Disney+ series

– Building out the Star Wars galaxy with The Mandalorian and other series on Disney+ 

– New attractions and lands based on Encanto, Coco, and other beloved animated films coming to Disney theme parks

– Increased personalized and interactive experiences at Disney parks using Play Disney Parks app and MagicBand tech

– Disney+ integrating more Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content for immersive entertainment

– Leveraging Disney intellectual property across products, games, books, music, and more

– Disney on Ice and Disney Live productions bringing movies and characters to stages worldwide 

– Disney Cruise Line expanding with new LNG ships packed with innovations and three new destinations

– Focus on diversity and inclusion through stories, characters, casting, and company culture/values

– Digital collectibles like NFTs releasing via Disney’s digital collectibles platform


In 2024 and beyond, Disney will continue leveraging its most popular franchises while also introducing guests to new worlds of magic and adventure. Cutting-edge technology will make Disney park visits even more immersive and personalized.

And Disney+ promises to reveal even more beloved stories from the boundless Disney universe. For fans of all ages, the wonder of Disney is sure to grow in exciting new directions next year and into the future.

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Everything you Need to Know

– Foster creativity & imagination – Disney outfits let kids embody fantastical characters and worlds, feeding their imagination. Adding props and accessories takes costume play to the next level.

– Build confidence – Stepping into the shoes of brave Disney heroes like Mulan or Miguel from Coco gives kids a confidence boost.

– Create lasting memories – Disney costumes become treasured keepsakes and photos that families cherish for a lifetime.

– Inspire dreams – Princess gowns allow kids to envision themselves in the role of royalty like Tiana or Moana. This helps young girls see their power and potential.

– Strengthen bonds – Coordinating group Disney costumes like the Incredibles family or Finding Nemo characters brings kids together.

– Capture innocence – Disney costumes let kids stretch their wings of innocence and wonder, which is especially precious during fleeting childhood years.

– Spread joy – Few things make people smile like little ones dressed up as Disney characters buzzing with excitement. It’s a magical tonic!

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