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Real Moms Share Their Favorite Baby Feeding Hacks

Feeding a newborn is both exciting and challenging for new moms. As magical as bonding with your little one during feeds can be, nothing quite prepares you for those late night cries when your hungry, exhausted baby needs you.

I talked to a group of moms recently to get their best tips for surviving and thriving in those early months of round-the-clock newborn feeding. These women have been there – they know the struggles. Now they’re generously sharing what worked for them so you can learn from their experience. Read on for their favorite hacks to make feeding time a little smoother.

Focus on Bonding  

While feeding a newborn can feel like a chaotic whirlwind at times, do your best to pause and soak up those precious moments with your little bundle of joy. “There were many sleepless nights and so many diapers to change, but I tried my best to stop and appreciate my baby in those moments rather than just rush through to the next task,” confides new mom Danielle.

 Prep time
33 Minutes
Cooking Time45 Minutes
Total Times156 minutes
Serving6 person
Calories1253 kcal

Don’t Time Feedings

“I stressed way too much about timing my first baby’s feedings every 2-3 hours. I wish I had just fed on demand right from the start,” admits Julie. She realized quickly with baby number two that newborns have very small tummies, so they need to eat frequently. Let your baby cue you when they’re hungry rather than trying to impose a strict schedule. 

Invest in Hands-Free Pumping

Pumping breast milk has gotten so much easier thanks to hands-free pumps like the Freemie pump and bra system. Emily loved being able to pump while holding and feeding her baby at the same time. “Pumping took twice as long when I had to just sit there and hold the flanges. Being hands-free was a total game changer.”

Benefits of hands-free feeding for babies:

  • Promotes bonding and skin-to-skin contact – When feeding hands-free, the baby is held close to the caregiver’s chest allowing for intimate contact. This supports bonding, attachment, and comfort.
  • Supports development – Hands-free feeding allows babies to control the flow of milk/formula and pace themselves. This helps develop their oral motor skills.
  • Aids digestion – Being upright and gravity assisting when feeding hands-free can make it easier for some babies to digest their food and reduce spit up.
  • Provides flexibility – Caregivers have more mobility to accomplish other tasks with babywearing for hands-free feeding. This offers more flexibility in daily life.
  • Calms fussy babies – The skin contact and position of hands-free feeding can have a soothing effect on babies. The closeness and ability to control flow can help calm crying babies.

“No matter how tired or overwhelmed you may feel, remember that this season of late night wake ups and constant feedings does eventually come to an end,” assures Wendy. “Enjoy snuggling that sweet newborn because before you know it they’ll be off to preschool!”

“When your baby wakes up screaming hungry at 3am, you won’t want to be fumbling to measure out formula. Do yourself a favor and make up a batch of bottles with formula and water in advance. Just stash them in the fridge and grab one when duty calls in the middle of the night!”

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