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Come playtime, the excited group of young testers was first ushered into the playroom to try out Acme Toys’ newest toy creations.

Educational toys are always popular, but imaginative play is making a comeback this season. Supporting children’s creativity has been at the forefront, with more parents discussing the benefits of open-ended play. As seen at toy fairs and in catalogs, toys that spark imagination will be key this year.

What’s new in toys

What’s really interesting is how the iconic classics like blocks and stuffed animals still blend so beautifully with high-tech toys. Even today, kids are enjoying innovative updates to timeless toys that build skills through fun.

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Playmobil Mars Space Station Playset

So when I look at the beloved toys through the decades, the best ones develop young minds while allowing totally kid-directed play.

Embrace playtime like a new adventure.

Parents and kids alike are delighted by the latest toys, with one writing: “These bring priceless moments.” Some note that while screens have appeal, tactile toys create more dynamic interactivity.

While tech-based toys have grown in popularity, classic toy creators still unveil new toys to delight kids year after year. Most agree that a mix of both best stands the test of ever-changing trends.

Sustainable materials are also essential for today’s toys. Brands like Green Toys design products to nurture kids’ development in an earth-friendly way. When choosing items your little one will use often, you can rest assured it aligns with your values.

Spark your child’s curiosity with an art set or fuel their imagination with a portable sandbox for outdoor fun.

If you imagine a new toy concept, it’s a Dream. If you sketch plans for it, it becomes Possible. But if you map out production, it turns Real.

Tony Robbins

Spring is emerging—even if outdoor play weather is slow to arrive. But if positive thinking helps tackle life’s hurdles, why can’t positive play do the same?

She’s sporting a cozy jacket for the playground – “It’s prime playtime chic” – to take on adventures. Her fun sunglasses set the scene. She wears her dress-up necklace to inspire stories.

“I told the art set designer her products are awesome. She gifted me this one! I’ve played with it nonstop,” says Leyla of her deluxe watercolor set.


While a new toy line starring these characters isn’t coming soon, creators unveil innovative toys to delight kids, and discuss whether classics endure over time.

Toy Essentials

Spark imagination with art supplies or a portable sandbox.

We have toy sale tips to shop early (and discover wishlist toys all season).

Notably, major retailers launch online toy sales very late the night before in-store sales start. Currently, sales aren’t on, meaning there’s ample time to prepare.

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