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Buy Amazing Girls Lifestyle Toys for 2024

Girls today have an amazing array of lifestyle toys and products to choose from that allow them to explore their interests in beauty, fashion, self-care, and creative expression.

 As a parent looking to buy gifts for a tween or teen girl, it can be overwhelming with so many options. In this blog post, we will cover some of the top girls lifestyle toys across categories like bath and spa, beauty and fashion, body art kits, and hairstyling tools that you can consider for 2024.

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Girls Lifestyle Toys

Lifestyle toys allow girls to mimic real-world scenarios and activities. These toys build confidence and allow self-expression in areas like cooking, cleaning, childcare, DIY projects, and more. Some great girls lifestyle toy picks for 2024 include:

– Creative Chef Kitchen Playset: This 71-piece play kitchen set comes with pretend cooktop, oven, sink and cooking accessories that inspire culinary fun.

– Pink Toy Cleaning Set: This realistic cleaning set includes a working vacuum, spin mops, mini broom and dustpan for chore play. 

– Baby Alive Lulu Achoo Doll: This interactive baby doll sneezes, blows her nose and says funny phrases when girls care for her.

– Craft Station Playset: This 150+ piece art set allows open-ended creativity with craft materials like pom poms, beads, glue, scissors, stencils and more.

These realistic roleplay sets allow girls to act out scenarios from their everyday lives, building confidence and responsibility.

Treat the idea like a game.

Bath and Spa Toys

Bath and spa toys encourage self-care and relaxation. Some soothing and creative bath time picks for girls include:

– Shimmer Bath Bombs Gift Set: These handmade, colorful bath bombs with embedded toys fizz and dissolve to create a sparkling spa experience.  

– Soothing Spa Basket Set: This 11-piece set includes loofahs, scented soaps, hooded towels, a soft robe, slippers and more for a pampering tub time.

– Bath Squirties Toy Set: These cute animal-shaped squirting toys, cups and water wheels encourage sensory, scoop and pour bath fun.

– Mermaid Tail Blankets: These super-soft microfiber mermaid tail blankets come in beautiful colors and can be worn after bath time for lounging comfort.

With these sets, bath time becomes a fun, creative sensory experience for girls to practice self-care and relaxation.

“Girls should never be afraid to be smart.” 

Girls Life Style

How to be Creative

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So gift her a toy that aligns with her unique passion this year and get ready to watch her flourish!

We hope our 2024 toy picks and buying guide across categories of bath and spa, beauty and fashion, body art kits and hairstyling tools help you pick the perfect gift to nurture her interests and build key life skills. Play encourages growth, so choose a toy that aligns to her passion and get ready to watch her imagination and abilities thrive.

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Beauty and Fashion Toys

Beauty and fashion dolls encourage creativity, self-expression and build confidence in personal style. Some top 2024 picks include:

– Style Salon Doll Playset: This 2-story salon playset comes with a fashion doll and hundreds of mix-and-match hair, makeup and fashion pieces for creative styling.

– Rainbow High Fashion Dolls: These colorful collector dolls have trendy clothing and accessories that inspire model role play and design skills.

– Makeup Vanity Set: This pretty wooden vanity has storage, mirrors and comes with eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, brushes and more for pretend play. 

– Runway Fashion Design Art Set: Budding designers can illustrate model sketches, color fabric swatches and create one-of-a-kind fashion collections.

Through beauty and fashion doll play, girls can find their own style and gain confidence in self-expression.

Body Art Kits

Body art encourages artistic experimentation through safe temporary tattoos, body jewels and glitter paints. Some hot picks for 2024 include:

– Glitter Body Art Set: This set has glitter gels, brushes and stencils for creating sparkly body art designs. The paints wash off easily after play.

– Temporary Tattoo Markers Set: These skin-safe markers in metallic, neon and pastel colors allow kids to freehand create temporary tattoos.

– Body Jewels and Gems Set: This set contains over 500 reusable body gems, jewels and accessories in various shapes and colors for decorative body adornment.

– Henna Tattoo Inspiration Kit: This kit teaches about traditional henna body art with stencils, a guide book and henna-inspired washable paints.

Body art kits encourage artistic experimentation and self-expression in a safe, mess-free way.

Hairstyling Toys

 Hairstyling heads and kits allow girls to practice styling skills, role play as hairdressers and try trendy looks. Some top picks for 2024 include:

  • Magic Hair Salon Styling Head: This styling head has real hair that magically grows or shortens with a special hairbrush for endless styling play.
  • Glam Ponytails Extension Set: This colorful clip-in ponytail extension set allows girls to quickly create different hairstyles from wavy mermaid to unicorn.
  • Pop-Up Hair Braiding Salon: This compact salon playset pops open to reveal braiding stations, hair accessories, brushes, a styling guide and more for skill building.
  • Hair Chalk Color Kit: These colored hair chalks easily wash out to temporarily color streak hair in vibrant shades without harsh chemicals.

With fun tools like these, girls can let their creativity run wild while roleplaying and building hairstyling skills.


Girls lifestyle toys spanning interests like cooking, fashion, spa play and more provide a wealth of developmental benefits through screen-free play. These toys not only inspire creativity but also build critical life skills, self-confidence and emotional intelligence that girls carry within them for life.

Everything you Need to Know

  • Build confidence & creativity – Encourage self-expression, problem-solving and independent play
  • Reinforce life skills – Allow girls to roleplay real-world scenarios like cooking, childcare, cleaning to build practical skills
  • Inspire future careers – Nurture interests that could spark future vocations like chef, beautician, fashion designer
  • Teach responsibility – Taking care of baby dolls, pets or completing toy chores instills accountability
  • Promote relaxation – Bath toys, spa sets and products teach the importance of self-care and pampering
  • Strengthen social skills – Creative, roleplay toys inspire collaboration, sharing and socialization
  • Support emotional development – Dolls, pets and nurturing roleplay promote empathy, caregiving and processing emotions
  • Customizable self-discovery – Fashion dolls, makeup & hair play allow experimenting with personal style & interests
  • Screen-free engagement – Open-ended, hands-on play counters excessive screen time for healthier development

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